Jaime Nass


Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatry, PLLC Outpatient Adult Psychopharmacology in Albany, NY.

As a nationally board-certified Adult Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, I assess and treat problems related to mood, anxiety, psychotic experiences, psychological trauma, substance abuse, behavior, and attention. These issues must always be treated in the context of a person’s life experiences, character traits, and behavioral patterns. I work collaboratively with a patient to assess and understand the biological, psychological, personal, and social aspects of their symptoms, to suggest appropriate, evidence-based treatment(s). Treatment may or may not include the use of medications.

Medications can sometimes be used to improve serious and/or prolonged symptoms and to alleviate a patient’s suffering, especially where the benefits of starting or continuing a medication outweigh its possible side effects. I always discuss side effects of medications and go over there alternatives to them, including not receiving psychotropic medications as well as alternative and holistic treatment options. I also seek to integrate lifestyle, behavioral, social, cultural, and self-help measures into the overall treatment plan for each individual.

I might recommend more in-depth therapy as a part of a patient’s overall treatment plan as well. While I provide brief supportive therapy, generally in the context of medication management, I will refer patients requiring more extensive psychotherapy to qualified professionals in our area.